Tigris Tubes - 750 H x 127mm Ø

Tigris Tubes - 750 H x 127mm Ø
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The Stowasis Tigris Tubes are a set of three stainless steel tubes.  Water calmly flows down the polished surface, providing a tranquil addition to their chosen surroundings.  The 127mm Ø tubes come complete with a 4000 lph pump and 10 metres of cable. 

Tigris Tubes are available in four different tube diameters - 76, 102, 127 and 168mm (each set with the same diameter tubes), and in three overall heights - 750, 1150 and 1550mm.

The Tigris range can be used in many locations, both internal and external, and although a bowl is not supplied as standard, Stowasis have a wide range of reservoirs available to suit.

Dimensions 750mm H, Tube 127mm Ø.

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