The Niagara 2000 x 900mm

The Niagara 2000 x 900mm
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The Niagara falls is an s-shaped polished Stainless Steel feature where water flows freely down both sides to create an elegant focal point in its chosen environment.

Suitable for use both indoors and out, the Niagara can also be converted into a self-contained water feature using one of the Stowasis reservoirs (bowl sold separately).

Dimensions 2000mm H, 900mm W.

The Niagara 2000 x 900mm water feature must be installed on a level base to create an even flow of water down both the front and rear surfaces of the Stainless Steel feature.  Stainless steel fixings are supplied which will allow for some adjustment to the level of the feature.

The reservoir should be positioned on a firm base with sufficient support around the sides and edges then the pump should be situated on the base of the reservoir and totally submersed in water.   A pipe is provided to connect the pump to the water feature's water inlet.

Only use stainless steel fixings, brackets and hose clips when installing this feature.

If you have any questions regarding either The 2000 x 900 Niagara or any other Stowasis Water Features or accessories, please feel free to call us on +44 (0)1302 767170.


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